Main Reasons You Can Be Removed from a Flight

You might sit on a plane and patiently wait for it to depart when you are told that you have to leave the flight. This can be a stressful situation for anyone and it can be quite frustrating to have to handle. If you wonder why you might get removed from a flight, here are some of the main reasons why it could happen.


Overbooked Flights

One of the most common reasons people get taken from their seats is because the airline overbooked their flight. Even if you already boarded and had no problems before entering the plane, they might decide to bump you and give your seat to another people. Airlines like to maximize their sales by booking their flights as much as possible and may rely on people to cancel their seats or not arrive so they can give it to other people who booked. However, it is not fair and you should be compensated for your troubles.

Getting flight compensation is something that not many people are aware they are eligible to get. If you booked a flight, got removed and were given another flight to board, you still have the right to get compensated for all the hassle. You can contact the people at because they can help you file a compensation request. It does not matter if the airline already gave you a new flight, you should still get compensation because of what happened to you.

Inappropriate Attire

Did you know that airlines can actually remove you from a plane if you are not dressed appropriately according to their standards? The rules of dress code for airlines can be vague and the employees of the airline could suddenly decide that you are not following the dress code. Try to play it safe when you board a flight by wearing more appropriate clothing, as close as the airline’s rules would suggest.

Your Size

If you are a bit on the heavier side, they might require you to buy another seat if needed. It can be a struggle because there might not be any other available seats at that moment. However, you might get lucky and they might give you another seat for free if no one is sitting next to an empty seat.

Bothering the Employees

Of course, if you were to threaten or argue with the aircraft’s staff, there is a high chance that they will remove you from the flight. Often anyone who tries to fight with the staff are intoxicated because of how easy it is to drink alcohol on a flight. While that may not always be the case, if an employee feels threatened by a passenger, the passenger might be removed from the flight.

There are lots of different reasons why you could be removed from a flight, however you should know that you have rights. If you got an overbooked flight and get bumped from your seat, you should get the compensation that is rightfully yours.